Join Telegram Channels & Complete Other Online Tasks To Earn Money.​

Telegram members bot

What is ClickBee?

ClickBee is a Telegram bot that pays you money to complete simple tasks. We connect you with advertisers that require views/trials for their products or services. 

  • Watch Ads, Get Paid — Up to 5 TRX per task.
  • Withdraw To Any Wallet — Easy payment options to Coinbase or any other wallet service.
  • Earn Commission To Refer Friends — Up to 10% of your friend’s income.

Join Telegram Channels & Group

You must join our advertisers’ Telegram channels & groups to get TRON tokens.

Start Telegram Bots

You must interact with Telegram bots listed by advertisers

View Telegram Posts

You must simply read/watch content for at least 10 seconds

Browse YouTube / WEB

You will be paid to browse any web content or to watch a video on YouTube

Steps to earn crypto


Open Telegram

(you can download it here)


Open ClickBeeBot inside Telegram

(search for “ClickBeeBot” in Telegram or click this link)


Press any button on the top row of the menu and follow instructions

(Earn TRON tokens to complete tasks)

Telegram bot is simply a software that can interact with users to perform an action over the internet. This software can sometimes be sophisticated and can even include AI capabilities.

A bot is just like a website or an app, but it runs within Telegram messenger.

TRON is a cryptocurrency and can be exchanged for real money using crypto exchanges like

You must have a minimum of 10 TRX in your account balance to withdraw it to external wallets.

You’re not allowed to use more than one account to complete tasks. The bot monitors all activities and bans any accounts that are found to be abusing this system.

Our advertisers expect high-quality clicks, and we work towards improving the quality of our service.